there is no
no going back
to the way that things were

Hey, why not some check us out and send us some questions and apps?

Somebody apply as canada or any oyhet lahey kid please !

Yes! I’d love to see Canada taken as she’s one of my favorite characters


This is very exciting, do you want more females or males curentky??

Well we have two females, and equal apps for males and females; so I’d have to say maybe a male? But it’s really not that different at this point.


When are you looking to accept? (Soon maybe)(:

We’re waiting for at least a couple more apps.

do you have a ban on any secrets?

Nope. Just when you RP with your secret (eg. Self Paras) just make sure to put a trigger warning.

Do you have an app count?

Yes. You just can’t see it on mobile and I haven’t updated it yet. (Whoops). Currently it’s one for Lydia Martin and one for Peter Hale, Derek’s child.


Meet Ashlee Octavius Hale. The 44 year old Alpha Werewolf is the principal of Beacon Hills High School and she’s played by Phoebe Tonkin. The lovely character is OPEN

➡ Biography

Up To Player

➡ Facts

  • Like Scott, she’s a True Alpha — she discovered that when she was nineteen when he older brother attacked her in the fight for the family Alpha Title.
  • She’s from Roman heritage and a very strong line of powerful True Alpha Werewolves. None of her siblings were True Alphas, and no one ever expected Ashlee to rise herself to the rank of a True Alpha.
  • Her and Derek battled over the name of their children but she gave into him and let them name them after his family.
  • She moved to Beacon Hills at the age of twenty six and when she met Derek, he tried to fight her, without knowing what her rank was.

➡ Family

Husband: Derek Hale

Children: Talia, Peter and Laura

➡ Secret

➡ Ships

➡ Sexuality

Will Cora ever be added?

Soon and believe me, you’ll love the plot that we have for her.

I am going to apply and i was just wondering how long does the bio have to be?

One to two decent paragraphs, love.

Who is ashlee's fc gunna be? Derek's wife in case I spelled it wrong

Ashlee’s FC is going to be Phoebe Tonkin, hun.